A newspaper account of the 'tangled love web' of Daphne, George and Stanley is available by entering <Daphne Charlton> into Yahoo Images, then going to Stanley's Portrait of Daphne in a black hat (103-4 jpg), and double clicking it.

The portrait itself is now in the Tate Gallery  (<www.tate.org.uk> search <stanley spencer> ref. N05148) and is also reproduced
on Google Images  <Stanley Spencer> Daphne 1940. After Daphne's death in 1991, Ian Kellam arranged for the hat - a bijou confection which Stanley bought for her in Bond Street for the then considerable sum of three guineas - to be placed in the permanent collection of the Hampstead Museum, which is almost opposite her former home in New End Square.

Some of Daphne's (née M D Gribble) work can be found by entering her name in Google and going to the relevant <Chambers Gallery> website.
Her husband George specialised in anatomical drawing and was in demand for illustrating medical textbooks. He also enjoyed painting landscapes and portraits, and much of his leisure work can be found by entering <Chambers Gallery George Charlton>  into Google, where Michael Chambers offers reminiscence and illustrations of his collection when it was put up for sale after his death. George left some fine portraits of Daphne, although it is said that after she became involved with Stanley he only ever painted her back view, e.g  The White Hart Dining Room with Daphne seated, 1939.